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The Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders

Cheerleader Auditions

The 2008 Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders will be the first to perform in the new Lucas Oil Stadium

The Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders, an integral part of the Colts organization, had over 360 registrants for auditions Saturday, April 12th.  Approximately 30 will make the final cut, and those chosen in the end will appear at charity functions, conventions, grand openings, tradeshows, as well as Colts home games throughout the year.

“They are our ambassadors on a lot of levels,” said Theresa Pottratz, Colts Cheerleader Coordinator.  “They are out on appearances and are the ones that the fans can interact with.  Fans can go out and see them and feel like they are a part of the team.”

The morning session of auditions had all the applicants perform free-style dance routines.  Around half were cut during the lunch break.  Afterwards, the remaining cheerleader candidates were taught a routine for the next half of auditions and a second round of cuts were made at the end of the day.  More cuts will be made in weeks to come.  To vote for your favorite finalist, click here at COLTS.COM.

Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders

2007 Colts Cheerleaders
 in Swimwear and Combat Attire

2006 Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders

2005 Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders

2004 Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders

2004 Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders Bikini Gallery

2003 Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders

2002 Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders

2001 Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders

Colts Cheerleaders Desktop Wallpaper

1956 Early Cheerleaders Still Feel Colts' Tug 

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