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Hometown: Brownsburg, IN 

Years on Squad: 5 

Occupation: Associate Analytical Chemist   

Favorite Quote / Fun Fact about me:
I have a female Macaw named Nali

Favorite Movie:  Office Space

Favorite TV Show:  That 70's Show

Favorite Food:  Seafood

Fun Fact: I have two female Rottweilers Niya and Hele. - Quoted 2004

Favorite Thing about Indy: Diversity and night life

More about Kristie here



Kristie of The Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders


Hometown: Brownsburg, IN 

Years on Squad: 4 

Occupation: Chemist  

Fun Fact: I have two female Rottweilers Niya and Hele.

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Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader Team

The team consists of Kristie and Seazun competing for the title "Champions of the Sidelines" as the NFL's most complete cheerleading team.

Name: Kristie 

NFL Team: Indianapolis Colts 

Career/Profession: Chemist 

Favorite Football Position: Wide Receiver because of the intense moment before he makes contact with the ball

Best thing about your team's fans? Their dedication to the Colts and love for the sport of football

What does it mean to be an NFL Cheerleader? Pride knowing that you were chosen to represent your home team and that you can make a difference in your community

How did you and your teammate prepare for this competition? Kayaking at Turkey Run State Park, preparing three dances in four hours, and shopping like crazy for last minute stuff!

Why is your team going to win this competition? We are "strategists" and know how to stay focused under stress.

I wouldn't be who I am if it wasn't for... my friends and family. 

What was your motivation to get into cheerleading? My friend Angie convinced me to try out. I was hesitant because I had no dance experience...and here I am six years later!

Favorite Childhood Memory: Riding my Blaster four-wheeler with my dad

Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate 

Something Very Few People Know About You: I'm a certified scuba diver.

My dream vacation would be... scuba diving in Hawaii. 

First cheerleading squad you made? Indianapolis Colts 

What song or type of music do you like to cheer or dance to? Techno, Disco and Rock

What are your goals or aspirations? Become a sales rep in pharmaceutical sales, have children and eventually move somewhere warm!





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